• What are your plans for ULEZ, LTNs and 20mph zones?

    Scrap London’s ULEZ cash grab programme completely, ditch LTNs and 20mph zones to get ‘London Moving Again’.

  • What are your plans to improve policing?

    Extensively increase policing visibility 24/7 to make streets safer for all but specifically for women.

  • How will you address the lack of affordable housing?

    Massively increase housing prospects particularly for young and low-income families.

  • How will you address the lack of secure wi-fi and 5G in Greater London?

    Ensure 5G and higher levels of stable secure wi-fi connections are available throughout Greater London to help with safer reliable interaction and seamless business communication.

  • What will you do to help the environment?

    Incentivise drivers and internal combustion engine users to adopt clean fuel technology without using cash grabbing policies.

  • How will you protect our democracy?

    Ensure democratic responses of the majority are adhered to and never ever again ignored.