Douglas McWilliam’s – Chair of CEBR says:

“This is to say how important Howard Cox and FairFuel UK have been to the country and particularly to its road and fuel users. He is probably the most successful lobbyist in the country arguing the case against excessive fuel taxation and restrictions on motorists. His tireless campaigning is a huge service to the country at a time when well financed pressure groups are lobbying in the opposite direction. Moreover, much of what he does is at his own expense. Meanwhile he has to put up with the appalling treatment and abuse that seems increasingly to be normal for anyone who dares challenge the left-wing consensus. Howard is especially important to the political balance of the country, preventing it from being overwhelmed by lobbyists on the other side.”

Robert Halfon MP, now Minister of State for Education ​says:

"Howard Cox and FairFuel UK is one of the most successful campaigning pressure groups in the UK. With limited resources, Howard has single handily created a remarkable coalition of millions of grassroots activists, Parliamentarians and supporting media to keep fuel duty frozen year after year. Without Howard and FFUK, without doubt motorists and hauliers would be significantly worse off.”

Craig Mackinlay MP says:

“Howard’s knowledge of the issues affecting the UK’s drivers is unparalleled and I very much hope that he will be in a position to continue to support our APPG and our direct lobbying of ministers in the future. He is quite simply an unsung hero in this field.”

Julian Knight MP says:

“Using expert independent economic analyses Budget after Budget, Howard has built up the respect of politicians, the media and above all, many of my constituents.”